Who We Are

Wildflower Rituals grew out of a desire to offer natural and organic bath tea blends that were free from artificial colors and fragrances. Wildflower Rituals has since grown our assortment to include Botanical Shower Steamers & Aromatherapy Weighted Eye Pillows. All products are centered around supporting your self-care rituals.


Wildflower Rituals was launched in 2019 by Denise McCulloch. Her intention was to create a bathing product and all around experience that reflected her desire for something simple, natural and subtle. 

Many of the bath products she was using were formulated with synthetic colors or fragrances and were overpowering or smelled artificial.  

Denise was inspired by the concept of soaking your whole body in something that was not only relaxing but had additional benefits, like drinking a cup of herbal tea would have.  She understood that a bath soak could be simple and natural and yet smell amazing.  Since Wildflower Rituals conception, Denise has added additional botanical inspired self-care products, including shower steamers formulated with pure essential oils and aromatherapy weighted eye pillows filled with flax and dried herbs; all hand stitched with patchwork designs.

At Wildflower Rituals we truly feel it is important to take time out of our day to do something kind for ourselves. We all have different rituals surrounding self-care and our mission is to support those rituals with special & unique products.  

All products are small batch and made with intention and love. 


Wildflower Rituals LLC operates in Fort Collins, CO.